According to established "The guide to technical supervision over vessels in operation" rather carries out initial, periodic and renewing surveys of radio equipment for the purpose of delivery of confirmation or renewal of the Certificate on safety of the cargo or passenger ship on radio equipment.    Thus, for implementation of tool control of working capacity   

the radio equipment consisting in performance of measurements of parameters, demanded by the corresponding points of the Resolution of IMO A-997 (25) (the reconsidered edition of the Resolution of IMO A948 (23) is provided a number of tools.

"The indicator of an assessment of capacity of the accumulator" (the reserve power supply) is intended for tool check of a reserve source of the electric energy used for food of radio equipment of GMDSS. He allows to determine the actual and actual residual capacity of the storage battery with a conclusion of results in the form of the standard protocol on PC.


Indicator characteristics:



- Assessment of the actual capacity of the storage battery (capacity to which it can be loaded) from 10 A/h to 120 A/h

- Assessment of the actual residual capacity of the storage battery (the capacity which has been saved up in the battery at the time of measurement) from 10 A/h to 120 A / h

- Tension of storage batteries which can be exposed to an assessment 12 V; 24 V

- Voltage measurement of the storage battery of 0 V ÷ 30 V

- Check time till 3 min.

- Indicator 250х100х100 sizes

- The weight of the indicator is up to 1 kg

- Indicator power supply from a measured source

- Information output and printing of the protocol

 a) indicator Display

 b) through USB PC port