MP-406 Float Free Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) complies with the IMO requirements for COSPAS-SARSAT system and is a mandatory item in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System). EPIRB has type approval of the Russian River Register, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

     In provides: quick identification, because each beacon has unique code, positioning to within one nautical mile short response time at deapth of 4 meters the beacon is automatically activated to transmit distress signal (position and identity).



Message Format: MMSI, Seriatised, Call Sign

Programming: Easy remote programming

Temperature: Operating: -20OC to 55OC

Class 2

Battery: SAFT LSH-20

Hydrostat with the device of automatic: Hammar H20

Overall dimension 290 x 185 x 110

Weight 2,0 kg





406 MHz Transmitter

Frequency 406.028 MHz +/- 1 kHz

Output Power 5 Watts +/- 2 dB

Modulation Biphase 1,1 +/- 0,1 radians

Data Encoding Bi phase L

Antenna External vetical whip

121.5 MHz Transmitter

Frequency 121.5 MHz +/- 3 kHz

Output Power 50 mW

Modulation AM, or sweep tone


Effective intencity < 1 candela

Flash Rate < 23 flashes per minute



Complies with IMO resolutions A662 (16), A694 (17), A810 (19)

Complies to COSPAS-SARSAT C. S. T.001 and T.007, IEC 61097, IEC 60945