Portable Faraday box is intended for taking measures on checking the radio equipment EPIRB without emanation in ether without any influence on the precision of measuring.


Portable faraday box is a kind of metallic box with radio absorbent covering inside, repeatedly decreasing internal reflection. This allows to give a signal without distraction from tested radioequipment to installed beyond the camera a diagnostics device and controlling equipment.


The receiving antenna  with cutoff point allows to give a checking signal on tester.

Portable Faraday box

-allows to check operation factors of EPIRB in operational mode the transmission of a distress signal to sattelite :

-combined with EPIRB tester

-eliminates influence of surrounding radio signals and noise for proper check of EPIRB





External dimensions 450x430x850(mm)

Aperture for placing EPIRB in camera

Weakening of a signal 40 dB


                                   121,5 MHz and 406 MHz