Search and Rescue Transponder "Musson - 502"
The Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) is designed for operation within the Global Maritime Distress
and Safety System (GMDSS) and provides the exact location of survival craft or its mother ship in distress.
The SART has Russian Maritime Register of shipping Certificate and meets all requirements.
The SART operates in the band of 9-Ghz and begins to transmit
emergency signal when it interrogated by a 9-GHz radar from an
approaching vessel or aircraft . It is intended for use in lifecrafts,
lifeboats, on vessel bulkheads etc.
The SART has a visual indication of radar signals reception. It
is operational for a minimum period of 96 hours in the stand-by
mode plus 8 hours of continiuos operation when interrogated
by a radar.
The Search and Rescue Transponder "Musson 502":
- Provides the detection in distance about 15 miles from ship
Radio Locator Station and about 30 miles from plane.
- Provides continious work during four days ( 96 hours ) in
waiting mode and 8 hours in active.
- Has a light indication of operation modes.
- Provides the operation in temperature range -20 ...+50°C (the storage temperature -30...+65°C).
- Has a storage container.
- Has a good floatation.
Frequency Range, gGH9.2 - 9.5
Receiver Sensitivity, dbm- 50
Effective Radiation power, W 0,5
Power unit, V10 -16
Mass (without container; with power cells), kg1.1
- Length, mm400
- Diameter, mm96
Lifetime, years10